Walter Lemmen

IONEX (Water Treatment & DI Plant)

Scroll below for specifications IONEX Water Treatment and DI Plant Standard-sizes of electroplating unit:The IONEX systema are designed for circulation and continuous operations. All rinsing water can be used and returned to the process, thereby saving precious water. Through the use of special ion exchange resins, precious metals such as gold, silver, rhodium, palladium, etc., […]

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Wilaplat (Table Top Plating Machine)

Scroll below to see specifications Wilaplat (Table Top Plating Machine) The modular electroplating system is a high performance system for jewelers, watchmakers, research and development engineers and for laboratories in craft and industry. A multi-functional rectifier combined with different tank holders which have 1,5 liter and 3,0 liter tank capacity, and electrolytes, provide the basis

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Rhodinette (Pen Plating)

Scroll below for specifications Rhodinette Standard-sizes of electroplating unit: The Platinum is in tube form ensuring perfect with felt tip and best metal deposition The current is very accurate Robust rectifier with automatic mains voltage adjustment, voltage stabilised and double insulated Long life electrodes in special fibre Walter Lemmen Electroplating Machines Enquire here for further

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Compacta Series

Scroll below for specifications Compacta Series Standard-sizes of electroplating unit: Tank volumes: 5 Litres/ 10 Litres/ 20 Litres/ 50 Litres (Larger plating Lines can be custom built) Tank Features: Rectifier, agitation, exhaust fume, filter units, ph-controller, heater, ampere minute control, micro Siemens controller. Walter Lemmen Electroplating Machines Enquire here for further details

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