Established in 1992, OROTIG S.r.l. is today a world leader in the development and production of LASER technology used in jewellery, dental and industrial sectors.

OROTIG offers a broad range of high quality LASERs, specifically devised to meet the demands of companies seeking such innovative and advanced technology.
Each OROTIG LASER-based equipment – continuous or pulsed wave LASER – with fiber or crystal sources – for Welding or Marking – is developed to meet the needs of customers, keep management costs to a minimum and optimize productivity.

Thanks to a combination of knowledge acquired through the company’s close cooperation with its own customers, and the professional experience built up perfected over many years of Research & Development, OROTIG offers not only avant-garde technology, but also genuine Production Solutions.

Schultheiss GmbH is a mechanical engineering company located in the southwest of Germany, in the beautiful Black Forest, not far from the gold town of Pforzheim. The company is a technological leader in the area of heating and casting equipment for the jewellery industry and precious metal. Our strong knowledge in vacuum casting technology further enables us to serve industrial customers to cast high-alloyed steel. Our mission is to build the most innovative heating equipment for jewellery and precious metal manufacturing, providing you with the highest reliability in your daily operations and the best quality. Our equipment, manufactured in Germany, is made of highest-quality components.

Together with our strong distribution and service partners, we are available to our customers wherever they are, in every time zone.

Schultheiss GmbH was founded by Georg and Rose Schultheiss in 1983. Andreas Schultheiss has become a Managing Director in 2010.

Schultheiss GmbH has grown continuously since its founding and now employs a large number of people in service, development, production and administration. We invest more in development for jewellery production than any other manufacturer of heating equipment. This is demonstrated by the size of our developments team and the number of our innovations.
Thanks in particular to our local distribution and service partners, we quickly determine your needs and fulfill them with either individual or general solutions.

Our products are protected by several international patents. We work closely with Rapid Shape GmbH in the area of 3D-printing of jewellery models for casting and mould making.

Walter Lemmen GmbH has been producing an extensive range of electroplating and PCB technology products for industry, research and education for over 40 years. The various systems are designed and manufactured in our facility in Kreuzwertheim and distributed worldwide.

The product range extends from equipment and systems to produce single- or double-sided printed circuit boards to through-plated circuit boards and multilayers for prototyping and small series production.
Customized small electroplating units for barrel and rack plating complete the product portfolio. They are used for finishing various materials for decorative and functional surfaces. High-quality materials and plant components in combination with expert workmanship, guarantee a low maintenance operation of the plants and professional results.

As a system supplier, Walter Lemmen Ltd. offers the development, design and construction of equipment and systems for printed circuit boards and electroplating. Additionally, a complete product and service program is offered for various industrial branches. This includes the delivery of customer-specific systems, components and chemistry as well as service and environmental concepts. Besides PCB industry, our main customers include the automotive industry, electronics industry, aerospace, telecommunications, control systems, medical technology and photovoltaics industry.

The close cooperation with different institutions in research and development, technical colleges and universities as well as the industry, are the basis for innovative implementations and extensions of our equipment spectrum. Therefore, the Walter Lemmen Ltd. can continuously support new technologies in printed circuit board technology and electroplating.

Masterix S.r.l. was born in a garage in Arezzo, and represents an example of made in Italy’s success and quality. Strengthened by a young, dynamic team, they are committed to reaching ever more satisfactory results year after year.

To design and produce machines that are able to make a difference in a ever more globalised market, it is necessary to bring together the expertise of operators , technicians, engineers and designers. Their technical team designs, assembles, tests and follows every customers’ request.

Their growth is driven by the search for new ideas, by the dedication to designing advanced technologies and by their constant presence at the main fairs. This is their way to maintain excellent relationships of trust with their customers and establish new business relationships.

They define themselves a customer-centric company: their experience is always at their client’s disposal.

They work to make every customer an expert in the field of lost wax casting, so that they can reach the highest quality levels in their production.

Their customer service guarantees clients a continuous assistance : They offer trainings both onsite and online, to train excellent operators.

Founded in Geneva, a city respectful of traditions and environment, PINO ALIPRANDINI SA is a family business that allies flexibility, reactivity and excellence.

The company develops, manufactures and sells innovative and virtuous solutions for metal plating – gold, silver, platinum, palladium, bronze, copper and nickel. It also offers custom-built plating and electroforming machines and equipment systems.

In a very demanding industry, watchmaking and jewellery companies find in PINO ALIPRANDINI SA a trustworthy partner for their most ambitious projects.

Pino Aliprandini’s offering includes a complete range of services including high quality surface treatment products, an unequalled spectrum of colour shades of precious metals, commercial solutions for personalized B to B services.

As often in the history of mankind and innovations, intuition is at the origin of the most beautiful evolutions. However there is no intuition without experience or skill. That is Pino Aliprandini’s strength.

A flexible and human-sized structure, PINO ALIPRANDINI SA dedicates a professional contact for each customer and for each project. Your project is our personal matter. Our ability for an ultra-reactive production guaranties an unparalleled response time.

As a company from the south of Germany, we decided to make our own 3D-printers nearly 10 years ago. At that time, virtue was made of necessity because the offers on the market were simply not satisfactory to our parent company Schultheiss GmbH, whose field of activity is heating and casting technology for processing precious metals. So, if nothing fits, then something suitable needs to be made. That’s how our first printers came to life. Today, we employ over 175 people at seven locations in over five countries around the world.

Not only to meet our customers’ expectations, but to exceed them, that has always been our claim. We are constantly developing our products, as well as ourselves, to provide the best solutions for our customers. Thus, our product portfolio has grown enormously since our founding in 2011.

3D printing is supposed to save time – not cost you time. This is exactly where our patented solutions come in. For instance, have our printers Automatic Separation units, which take off the work of separating the printed parts from the build platform. Then the printer starts the next print job independently. Additionally, the Automatic Refill unit ensures that there is always a sufficiently high level of print material in the reservoir so that manual refilling is no longer necessary. All these innovations have led to the reduction of idle time and cleaning time for good.

Before each 3D-printer leaves our manufacturing facility, it undergoes several rigorous quality checks. One of the most important step in this is printing. Validated print jobs are printed on each printer and then checked for dimensional accuracy. This ensures that the printers meet our high-quality standards and can be sent on their way to our valued customers.

High Quality Castings at lowest Expediture in Production
High quality casting results require perfect casting forms. With KWS investment mixing machines and KWS equipment you will create the best basic for an effective casting production in first class quality.

As the worldwide first manufacturer of investment mixing machines we have the experience of more than 25 years. Close contact to the users of our machines, constant development and actual manufacturing technologies guarantee perfect castings and a maximum reliability.

Minimum maintenance and wear and tear:
As all elements are made of special steel or aluminium, a perfect protection against corrosion is given. All our machines are equipped with three-phase motors which do not require any maintenance and with an effective filtering system protecting the vacuum pump.

LM Industry srl was founded in 1971 by Lando Mario after years of work experience in the mechanical sector.

The tenacity, foresight and constancy of the owner have allowed the company to produce over 10,000 machines, sold all over the world.
To meet the needs of the galvanic industry, Lando Mario began to design the first centrifuges, used by them for drying galvanized small parts; this sector was fertile ground for starting and increasing production.

At the beginning of the 1980s, the astute intuition to broaden horizons prompted Lando Mario to design and put into production the first machines for finishing precious and industrial metal.
The company offered the market a complete range of products aimed at the treatment and finishing of metals, quickly becoming a point of reference on the world market in the goldsmith and industrial sector.

In recent years the work contribution of the owner’s children has led the company to transform itself from an artisan to an industrial one. The evolution of technology has been an element that has further favored the modernization and production efficiency of the machines, inserted in advanced automatic systems built by LM and managed by PLC and cutting-edge software.

Thanks to the experience gained in over 50 years of history, LM has recently expanded its range of products by developing technologies for the heat treatment of metals.

With the desire to provide the customer with an increasingly complete and innovative process, LM has specialized in the production of centrifugal heating systems, furnaces for heat treatment and applications, for the foundry sector, manufactures linear burners, preheating systems, furnaces low temperature and furnaces for the heat treatment of metals.

All these types of machinery can be automated according to customer needs.

All the machines are completely built at the company and the entire production process is followed by competent technicians and trained and qualified personnel

The modern structure boasts carpentry, turning, assembly, warehouse and a state-of-the-art testing area.
The care and assistance guaranteed to our Customers means that LM enjoys esteem and consideration in every sector worldwide.

Since 2011, the LM has been managed by the three children Walter, Doris and Denis and has branched out into 3 sectors:

CENTRIFUGAL SOLUTIONS – Centrifuges – Automatic systems
FURNACES & CONVEYORS – Low and high temperature furnaces – Automation

Novagum is a leading manufacturer of ovens and machinery for the gold industry.

However, the core business are the round rubbers, called “pizza”; special silicone designed for centrifugal melting of Zamac, lead or tin. This technology is used especially in the world of fashion; in our rubber disk are made buckles for shoes or belts, jewelry in white metal and any other type of imaginable components (toys, buttons and accessories in colored resin, the lower dark souls for electroforming, etc..)

Our company is known especially for the production of rotary furnaces for jewelers.

Novagum has a wide range of products for centrifugal melting. Single machines or multiple workstations, manual or fully automatic. The same concern of the vulcanising and melting furnaces. We can accommodate small crafts such as big industry.

Over the years Novagum has established itself on the market with vibration polish due to the different kinds of tumblers vibrators available. From circular to rectangular, measures available cover a range of impressive equipment. You can deburring and polishing the glasses screw up or flaps of military aircraft. Our research and development laboratory find the products (abrasive cones), pastes and soaps better suited to the material that you have to abrade, be it in iron, Zamac, brass, bronze, steel, silver, gold or whatever.

We have good chemical and physical systems to treat waste water processing.

Very popular are our colored enamels. We have an huge selection of solid and trasparent colors. Upon request, our engineers also produce distinctive colors. Also available in fluorescent and phosphorescent. The effect obtained varies from concave to convex as the catalysts used. We have also the version “z” if you have indicated the need to make the lapping of the enamel.

Leveraging the technology of vibrating sieves, Novagum is also present in cutlery market. Enormously wide range of machines is designed to catering. Especially in three segments:
Dryers and sterilizers vibrating corn cob, suitable both for small restaurant and for large shipping companies.
Drying glasses and stemware, fine instruments to dry flawlessly.
Decarbonizer, tanks specially designed to de-scale any dirt and to restore to the new pots blackened and charred.
Novagum has a division for the robotics industry. Our engineers perform any type of computer system completely automatic, from design to installation.

At our head office is always working every day a very efficient laboratory of lost-wax casting. We can also make work under contract in gold, silver, brass and bronze. Excellent quality.

Both of centrifugal casting and investment casting, we can do training courses.

We collect, repair and overhaul all machines in order to bring them back to their original state.

Avalon Machines- Polish producer
We are a polish company that produces machines for mass surface finishing. Our machines perform such processes as: deburring, grinding, smoothing, polishing, degreasing, deburring, etc. Our devices are used in many sectors of industry – from jewelry, through the medical and aviation sectors, automotive, museum, watchmaking, foundry, plastics, 3D printing, gastronomy, and wide application in the production industry for laser-cut, embossed, milled details, etc.

Know how – we share it with you
As we provide solutions that are complementary, we offer you complete technological lines fully adjusted to your needs. Apart from equipping our customers with the devices we offer the necessary abrasive media – chips, compounds, and powders and last but not least knowledge allowing to use the machines most effectively. Our laboratory develops and optimizes finishing processes and conduct polishing trials of customer samples. We organise trainings for our customers.

The highest standards in customer care
The mission of our company is constant growth and the satisfaction of our clients. We pay special attention to post sale support which includes instructions or trainings, necessary service or adjusting the technology for an individual.

Thank you for trusting us
The quality of our machines has been appreciated not only by the Polish jewellery producers. Avalon devices reach to clients in many countries in Europe, America or Asia. We regularly take part in international fairs held all over the world and continue searching for new inspirations and challenges to take on.

They are an Italian company that since 1970 has been designing and manufacturing machines, plants and products for different fields:
Centrifugal casting

High tech silicone rubbers for micro casting / centrifugal casting

Artistic enamelling

Vibratory finishing (surface treatments)

Laboratory presses for rubbers

Professional catering

Furnaces for abrasive discs

Industrial washing machines

Nicem has a central office in Italy, in Senago (Milan) and an efficient commercial and distribution network, with offices and branches around the world. The executive office in Senago extends over an area of 12,000 square meters, where the Nicem® brand products are manufactured, tested and certified. Nicem not only provides strong and reliable machines, it also ensures a supply of high-tech consumables.

The cooperation with their customers and the new demands are their drive to improve themselves and to satisfy specific needs. Many of their plants, in fact, are custom-made on special order to meet the needs of each customer.

They organize training courses on the use of their machines/products, at their / your offices, offering qualified technical assistance.

Micro casting: preparation of rubber mould / polymerization (or curing) / rubber cutting
Artistic enamelling: application and proper enamel curing
Centrifugal casting: a course on rubber mould preparation / centrifugal casting for thermoset materials
Vibratory finishing: Plant start up / analysis and application of the work cycle
Our Mission
High quality, technological innovation and customer satisfaction are the core values of their corporate philosophy.

Maximum productivity, absolute reliability and great value for money is what their plants and machines ensure to customers.

Since Keiichi Nakanishi founded Nakanishi Manufacturing, the original name of NSK, they have drawn on their high-speed rotational know how to continuously innovate their growing range of dental instruments. In addition, they have expanded their business fields to industrial and surgical products by applying their core technology. They have grown steadily by the continuous effort to deliver the worldʼs first and worldʼs best products for customers in three fields.

They have built solid trust among customers in more than 135 countries supported by our 15 subsidiaries, securing NSK the No. 1 global market share for rotational dental instruments.

However, they continue to challenge to become the true No.1 global brand, in terms of competitive products, sophisticated noble design, absolute highest quality, speedy and ingenious development capabilities, cost competitiveness, global sales network, first-class after-sales services.

In 2018, they completed “RD1”, a new headquarter and R&D center building, and “A1”, the largest factory ever in their history, as the business enterprise to achieve the sustainable growth. They believe both enhance all of their quality, quantity, efficiency and effectiveness of the development and production activities.

They will take a new step for a new era. Aiming to be a DANTOTSU (the best of the best), they create the innovations to impress the world and we continue to evolve endlessly.

They strive to continue to create value, to exceed expectations and to become an indispensable partner for their customers.

Founded in 1948 as a small family-run business, Melt then greatly expanded and expanded, achieving great fame and a leading position in its market sector.

By mixing solid tradition and cutting-edge technology, the company has in fact distinguished itself, in Italy and abroad, in the processing and production of metal alloys and weldings for gold, silver and costume jewellery, creating a wide range of products for every need and choosing only the best raw materials.

Menzerna has been setting standards in the development and production of professional polishing pastes for industry and trades since 1888. Solid compounds, emulsion, car polish or boat polish – Menzerna has the right polish for all surfaces and every application. With their innovative mixtures and polishing processes, they ensure that you achieve premium results that inspire and impress. Extensive formulation know-how and a precise understanding of customer requirements have made Menzerna a specialist and technology leader for industrial polishing compounds.

Backed with the experience of a century, they have been developing and producing high-quality solid polishing pastes, polishing emulsions and car and boat polishes since 1888. The passion for perfection is incorporated into every Menzerna product, guaranteeing the ultimate quality and economic efficiency. All industrial polishing fields of application are covered with more than 200 innovative formulations.

A network of branches and dealers supplies industry and trades around the world with premium polishing compounds from Ötigheim in Germany. In addition to the product business, Menzerna is a process partner for industrial enterprises. The polishing expert provides technical services supporting its customers with the optimization of their polishing processes.

Menzerna develops and produces polishing pastes and polishing emulsions for the industrial processing of many different surfaces. From trades to bulk consumers with full automation. A broad range of products is offered for numerous industries and applications.

Innovation, precision and quality – these traditional values have been the pillars of our company since its foundation in 1923 and they still inspire and motivate us to strive for excellence every day. Each one of Komet’s products is the result of their ample experience and reflects the know-how gathered during the successful history of their company.

The legendary Komet quality is now available and appreciated in more than 110 countries worldwide, yet they remain dedicated to their location in Germany for the development and production of their products – to the benefit of their customers.

Komet® not only provides ground-breaking instruments of remarkable quality, but also an unparalleled customer service that leaves nothing to be desired.

Thanks to their expert know-how gathered in many years of experience, there is not a question that they don’t have a competent answer to.

The production and the management of HATHO GmbH are located in the Breisgau business park, an industrial area in Eschbach which is located approximately 30 km south of Freiburg, in South West Germany.

In this charming Rhine Valley environment, surrounded by the Vosges Mountains and the Black Forest, our high-quality HATHO products are being manufactured.

Mr. HAns THOma founded HATHO on December 6, 1968. The company name derived from his own name: HA from Hans and THO from Thoma. The nephew of the company’s founder, Dr. Ralf Steiner, joined the company in 1991 and eventually took over as Managing Director in 2002. In 2003, HATHO moved location from Freiburg to the Gewerbepark Breisgau in Eschbach.

HATHO has always had an international dimension. This is true both within the company and outside the company. Currently HATHO employees come from 11 different countries and HATHO clients are from all corners of the world. In 2015, we shipped our goods to clients in 46 countries.

EVE Ernst Vetter GmbH is a world-renowned leading manufacturer of rotary grinding and polishing instruments for different industrial areas. This includes dental, jewellery and cosmetic industry. Also tailor-made tools for precision mechanics, tool and mould making industry are manufactured. EVE is a mid-size company operated today by Mr. Dennis Vetter in fourth generation.

EVE serves distribution partners in over 80 countries on all continents from its head office in Keltern, Germany. Technical as well as individual support is guaranteed at a highest level.

Worldwide presence but still true to their own roots. Since the foundation more than 90 years ago, EVE has its main office in the Pforzheim region in southwest Germany. Besides the main office in Keltern, EVE also has another production facility in Romania and a sales office with warehouse in the United States.

CEIA is an Industrial Company focused on the design and manufacturing of Electromagnetic Inspection Systems and Induction Heating Systems.

R&D, Engineering and Production activities are performed entirely in-house.

CEIA provides a worldwide assistance network as well as training programs for certification in the use and maintenance of its equipment.

The EMC testing and measurement activity is performed by CEIA S.p.A – LACE Laboratory which is accredited according to ISO 17025:2017 Standard.


CEIA Metal Detectors detect metal contaminants accidentally present in industrial products with levels of sensitivity, immunity to interference and response speeds exceeding the strictest Quality Control Standards.

CEIA THS 21 Metal Detection Systems offer detection, construction quality and reliability characteristics that make them the most suitable and effective solution for automatic elimination of metal contaminants.

CEIA’s approach to the development of its detectors has been to employ the most advanced electronic and mechanical technologies: Surface Mount Technology (SMT), digital signal analysis, software upgrades capability and the use of high-quality materials.

Fully HACCP and GMP compliant, CEIA Metal Detectors are ISO 9001 certified and constructed of EC and FDA approved materials.

A brand with a global reputation for high quality consistent products, world class technical support and excellent customer service.

Castaldo products are manufactured in an ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001 Quality Management accredited company that continually invests in R&D and understands the requirement of close customer relationships combined with a world class technical support network. In each of their five manufacturing locations they have locally based highly trained quality control and technical sales teams which offers a bespoke service to their customers supported by the UK headquarters.

GMT is one and only graver manufacturer in Turkey and the most compatible priced with the best quality graver manufacturer around the world. Moreover, they are precision tool, equipment and machinery manufacturers since 1976.

And for now, they export gravers to USA, India, UAE, Lebanon, Germany, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Canada, England, Syria, Thailand, Japan, China, Singapore, Russia and Norway.

GMT’s gravers are used specially by Stone setters, diesinkers, jewelers, silversmiths and watchmakers. Excellent for use on all alloys and precious metals, made of HSS. Can be re-sharpened when needed.

It is their mission to supply high quality products and services at the best possible price!

Founded in 1899 following the merger of the family businesses Borloz & Noguet-Borloz, Glardon & Co and Grobet SA, Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe boasts over one hundred years of expertise.

Our high-quality precision tools are manufactured in the heart of the Jura Mountains in Switzerland, and have won praise throughout the world from the most exacting users.

Vallorbe swiss® files and precision tools are sold in more than 80 countries via a network of close to 300 distributors. They cover a large number of applications for a wide variety of trades such as jewellers, watchmakers, woodcutters, blacksmiths and precision engineers.

The reputation of our Vallorbe swiss® products is based on exceptional technical expertise, which has largely been gained through the development of our own production tools.

As a world leader in precision files and files for sharpening chainsaws, we are constantly striving to find new solutions to meet the needs of our users.

With innovation as our guiding principle, and driven by the determination and the dedication of our 200 employees, we are able to continuously develop new products.

The quality of our production is the result of unique expertise and uncompromising professional standards. Our products are designed for professionals as well as passionate amateurs who want top quality, high-performance and durable tools.

They are the oldest manufacturer of specialized presses and is the result of two separate companies coming together to join their specialties, the Hoffman Pressing Machine Company established in 1904, and the New Yorker Pressing Machine Company.

They design, manufacture and market garment/apparel presses for garment manufacturers and laundry/dry cleaning presses for retail dry cleaners and commercial laundries. In addition, they design and manufacture a line of electric boilers/generators used for jewelry steam cleaning, auto trim shops, medical/dental offices, tailor shops, and saunas/fitness facilities.

Hoffman-New Yorker has the perfect industrial steam boiler to meet your specific steam generating requirements. They offer a full line of inexpensive and easy to maintain steam boilers and generators featuring different capacities and attachment options.

Designed for maximum operating efficiency and rugged dependability, all of their steam boilers and generators are built to the highest safety standards and are U.L. and A.S.M.E.approved

C.I.M.O. Ltd is a company founded in 1988 based on the experience of forty years Barettoni Gianfranco company that still operates today as a store of supplies of equipment and supplies for goldsmiths in Valenza.

C.I.M.O. it specializes in the production of vacuum mixers for coating, the famous St. Louis mixer: real technological evolution o the conventional coating preparation system.
Today machines in all laboratories and factories for the lost wax casting.

Over the years, the range of production has characterized the presence of C.I.M.O. not only nationally but also in the foreign market, where the products are delivered and assisted directly with an experience and selected range of direct dealers.

The lift and distributor for chalk: DISPENSER LIFT, the ANGEL polishing desks with patented system of recovery of the precious metal in water-air filtration and the very recent MIX CAST, casting machines for accurate casting, are a result of the costant technological research and innovative at the base of all C.I.M.O. expressions.